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In this Together: fit-tester Amanda Neigum

In This Together is a series dedicated to the stories of people contributing to our COVID-19 response. Amanda Neigum knows full well we are in this together. As a patient porter, Amanda and her colleagues at Kelowna General Hospital are responsible for helping with the transportation of patients, equipment, specimens and supplies throughout the facility.…

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New cardiac program ‘phenomenal experience’ for Penticton woman

When Penticton resident Betty Lou Thomas woke up in her local hospital’s intensive care unit, she had no memory of what had happened. The last thing she remembered was sitting in a waiting room at her gym on a fall November day. She had suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed without warning. Twenty-four hours later,…

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In this together: Protecting knowledge keepers

In This Together is a series dedicated to the stories of people contributing to our COVID-19 response. The following story is an account from Spotted Fawn Minnabarriet, a public health nurse with Interior Health. S7entsa Spotted Fawn Minnabarriet, squza7sa s7 Eleanor Wells muta7 Larry Gordon,  Lilwat7ulmeckan, muta7 St’at’imc (My name is Spotted Fawn Minnabarriet of…

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Conversations about Aboriginal health and wellness

Last year saw the launch of an investigation into Indigenous-specific racism in the B.C. health-care system, bringing new focus on Aboriginal health and wellness. As health-care providers look to implement the In Plain Sight Report recommendations, the Interior Voices podcast provides resources for improving culturally-safe care. Launched in 2019, the Interior Voices podcast is an informal, ongoing conversation around cultural safety…

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The ABCs of tobacco and vaping

There is a misconception among people, that aerosol that results from vaping, is only water vapour. In reality, vaping heats a liquid that produces an aerosol, which contains many of the same chemicals as tobacco smoke like heavy metals, carbonyls, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These toxic chemicals may cause cancer, lung disease, and heart…

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Kelsey Serwa’s tips on staying COVID safe

Olympic gold medal winner and freestyle skier Kelsey Serwa took some time last week to thank ski operators and their employees for working hard to keep us safe while we have fun this winter. Stay safe on the hill this winter with Kelsey's tips: Ski your local mountain and support your local businesses.Wear a mask…

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