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A day in the life: Environmental health officer

A day in the life: Environmental health officer

Working as an environmental health officer (also known as a public health inspector), you never know what the day might bring.

You might find yourself inspecting drinking water systems, restaurants, public swimming pools, or tanning salons. We also investigate public health complaints, disease outbreaks, industrial camps, and special events.

Environmental health officers respond to public health emergencies such as wildfires, floods and landslides, by providing health information about air quality, drinking water quality and food safety.

And when we’re not doing those things, we work on health education, such as helping to inform the public about indoor and outdoor air quality.

One area we are particularly passionate about is improving the health of our communities. We work with municipalities and aboriginal leaders to provide information about health equity, tobacco reduction, healthy built environments, and emergency preparedness. These topics are essential to improving population health outcomes and reducing disease.

We understand that regulating and monitoring certain aspects of the environment that have a direct impact on public health helps to keep us all safe from health hazards and protects our families, friends, and neighbours.

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