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Connecting with seniors

Connecting with seniors

Is there an older adult in your life? Staying connected despite social distancing can be a real challenge.

5 Tips for staying connected

Become pen pals – send a note, photo, or drawing in the mail. People love to receive “snail mail” in these days of digitally focused communication – especially older adults who were often voracious letter writers in their younger days.

Arrange a video call – whether you use FaceTime, Zoom or another tool, consider using video technology so you can see each other.

Maintain traditions – family traditions can often be modified, while still giving us the sense of staying connected (such as Sunday dinners – eaten separately). Think about creating a family or friends photo album or family tree, which can bring back fond memories and enhance connectedness to our roots.

Involve others – Group video chats are easy to set up, and seeing each other’s faces and sharing stories is a great way to stay connected. 

Play together online – Popular board games, card games, and trivia can now be played online.

When it is hard to communicate

Communicating with a loved one living with dementia can be particularly challenging at times like these. If you are struggling to have a good conversation with a loved one who may be experiencing dementia, try these tips.

Instead of this...Try this instead
What did you have for lunch today?How was lunch today?
What did you do today?How's it going?
Do you know what time it is?The day is really going by, isn't it?
Was today rough for you?How was today, same old?
Do you know who I am?Hi! I'm really glad to hear your voice.
You just told me that.That's interesting.
I just explained that.Let me tell you a different way.
I already know that.Thanks for telling me that.