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Digital tools enhancing health care

Digital tools enhancing health care

Estamont resident Diane Edlund says online access to her personal health information is an important step in creating a partnership between health-care providers and patients.

As a patient partner with the Patient Voices Network, Diane provides a valuable perspective to health organizations on how they can improve the quality of care in B.C.

Diane is one of more than 86,000 people who have signed up for MyHealthPortal, an online tool that provides Interior Health patients with secure 24-hour access to their personal health information from a home computer, tablet or smartphone.

“Access to my health information makes me feel more in control. I feel like I can take part in my care”.

“Having the same health-care information as my doctor allows me to ask informed questions and share in the decision-making. In the past, only clinicians had access to this type of information; but I think it’s past time we move towards a system where patients and care providers are seen as equal, valued and respected partners in care,” says Diane. “I think my lived experience (health, perspectives and unique needs) is just as important as the health-care provider’s years of education and clinical experience. We need both sides for good decision-making.” 

“It puts me in the driver’s seat of my health care”.

 “Digital tools like MyHealthPortal allow me to share important information with others in my circle of care. It’s particularly helpful when moving from hospital back into the community  so I can share results and reports and make sure information doesn’t slip through the cracks.”

For more information and to sign up, visit MyHealthPortal.