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Heading back to school

Heading back to school

September is an exciting time of year as kids like me head back to school. I’m especially excited this year because we have a vaccine that will be the best way to get us back to doing all the things we love.

Over the summer I got my second COVID-19 vaccine. This was really important to me because my Gramma has cancer and I want to be able to visit her safely. I also decided to get vaccinated because I want to be able to play team sports again. Although I was able to play a bit of hockey last year, I missed playing games and doing baseball and soccer.

I hope as more people get vaccinated, we can start to go on school trips again and have more sports and events.

I know there are lots of people out there who have questions about vaccines. I know a little bit about how vaccines work. They really just help your own body to make antibodies to fight the virus if you ever get exposed. I understand that people can feel nervous about what they may not totally understand. I hope people take the time to learn and read sources that are from scientists and doctors and not just believe what they read on the internet. I’ve listened to experts like Dr. Bonnie Henry talk about how safe it is, and it feels like the right decision for me.

Did I mention I’m a big Dr. Bonnie Henry fan? I don’t think many kids my age watch the news but I do and I can see how hard she’s working to keep people safe. If I ever meet her, I want to thank her for working so hard to get everything back to normal.