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Nurse Practitioners are Changing the Health-Care Landscape

Nurse Practitioners are Changing the Health-Care Landscape

This year has brought significant change around the globe, including a pandemic at our doorstep that has required all of us to adjust to the new normal. Very quickly our health care workers selflessly showed up committed to protecting and serving their communities in these uncertain times, including our health care heroes, Nurse Practitioners (NPs).

It isn’t without the help of the entire team that we can strive towards providing exceptional patient care. We are honoured to celebrate Nurse Practitioners week and show our gratitude and appreciation for the vital role our NPs play in our organization.

“My role provides access to care that patients may not otherwise take part in, and I provide a broader perspective to the team. I can look at health issues beyond diabetes to help support patients in their health journey. I am able to refer them to Specialists and order diagnostic test if needed.”

– Kim Hayter, NP IH Diabetes Program, Kelowna, BC

Our Nurse Practitioners (NPs) improve timely access to high-quality and cost-effective care throughout our diverse communities. With their advanced education and clinical experience they are able to access the patient needs, order and interpret diagnostic and laboratory tests, diagnose disease, formulate and prescribe treatment plans.

Nurse Practitioners throughout or rural and urban areas of Interior Health continue to show up amid a global pandemic to keep their patients healthy and safe. Thank you for all that you do!

Our Health Care Heroes

Our very own health care hero and Nurse Practitioner, Donna Gibbons, was honoured with the BC Health Care Award for her work in her community. This video on Donna’s work is an incredible representation of the positive impact she is having on her patients.

Donna Gibbons awarded BC Health Care Award for work in her community.

What makes Donna [Gibbons] special is she really cares about her patients, she goes the extra mile, she doesn’t leave a stone unturned. She always works to find the best way to care for someone that meets their needs.”

Andy Smith – RN at Slocan Community Health Centre
Donna Gibbons with patient at Slocan Community Health Centre

Did you know?

1. NPs work with, rather than replace, other health-care providers. They are part of a collaborative team that includes registered nurses, doctors, social workers, and others. – Learn more here
2. 93% of Canadians are confident that NP’s can meet their day-to-day health needs. – Learn more here
3. An estimated 3 million Canadians receive primary care from a Nurse Practitioner, estimating around 800 patients per NP. – Learn more here

“The thing that struck me the most when I started working with a Nurse Practitioner was just a sense of relief from shared responsibility. As a practitioner prior to working with an NP, I was very isolated, almost lonely, working in a bit of a silo. I had relationships with other physicians and other care providers but not that kind of collaboration that exists in real-time in working with an NP.”

– Blair Stanley, IH Physician in Trail, BC

Nurse Practitioner Careers

At Interior Health, we offer a diverse range of career opportunities for Nurse Practitioners such as Acute Care (Cardiac Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Hospitalists), Specialty Clinics (Diabetes, Atrial Fibrillation, Renal), Long-Term Care, MAiD, and Primary Care.

As varied as the practice sites are from urban to rural and remote, so too are the models of care from shared care; to collaborative practice; to solo practice; to inter-professional team-based care. Whether you are seeking an urban centre or the peace and tranquility of rural living, we offer opportunities to suit your lifestyle.

Are you interested in becoming a Nurse Practitioner? In British Columbia there are three recognized Nurse Practitioners programs:
University of British Columbia
University of Northern British Columbia
University of Victoria

To learn more about our Nurse Practitioner careers or to apply, visit our website HERE

Have questions? Contact our Recruiter Adrienne for more information about how you can join our cohesive team at Interior Health: