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Perioperative Nurses Week

Perioperative Nurses Week

On behalf of Interior Health, please join us in celebrating Perioperative Nurses Week. Across the organization, we have seen teams come together through some of the most challenging environments and have risen to the occasion. Our surgical success is a testament to the strong cohesive teams of operating room nurses, staff, and physicians.

Today we congratulate our nurses for their dedication, perseverance, and innovation throughout this challenging year during the COVID19 pandemic.

“I am so grateful for the commitment that IH perioperative nurses show every day to providing excellent care for our patients and their families.  Through all of the challenges faced so far this year, they continue to demonstrate their dedication and resiliency to ensure that patients are receiving surgery as quickly and safely as possible. Thanks to this hard work, IH has been able to provide more surgeries through the summer and early fall compared to last year.”

Kristina – Network Director, Surgical Services

“The teamwork is second to none, we have an incredible team here. We hang out outside of work, everybody gets along and you’re never unsupported. You always have someone to turn to and ask for help.”

– Katie, Perioperative RN at Royal Inland Hospital

Did You Know?

  1. Surgical nurses care for patients before, during, and after surgery. Some nurses will prepare the patient for surgery; others will assist with the procedure and finally, additional nurses will work the recovery area.
  2. Teamwork is crucial. One of the most important prerequisites for a surgical nurse is the ability to work in a team setting.
  3. During the surgery itself, there are two main roles for nurses: scrub nurse and circulating nurse. There may be just one nurse in each of these roles, or there may be multiple, depending on the complexity of the case.
Alyson – Manager, Clinical Operations – Royal Inland Hospital

“For me – Being a perioperative nurse you are given the opportunity to provide comfort and reassurance for an individual undergoing a very vulnerable and foreign experience.  In addition, the opportunity for learning and growth never ceases.  You are able to continually challenge yourself and improve your practice ensuring surgeries happen efficiently and safely which is vital for a positive patient outcome.”

Alyson – Manager, Clinical Operations – Royal Inland Hospital

Careers in Perioperative Nursing

At Interior Health we offer diverse perioperative career opportunities for both Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses. Whether you are seeking an urban center or the peace and tranquility of rural living, we offer opportunities to suit your lifestyle.

To learn more about our Perioperative Nursing careers or apply visit our website HERE

“I love Perioperative nursing because you are never alone, there is always another nurse, surgeon and anesthesiologist in the room. So many support staff…it is a great team environment!”

Kelly – Perioperative RN – Royal Inland Hospital

Have questions? Contact our Recruiter Carrie for more information about how you can join our cohesive teams of operating room nurses: