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Long-term care and assisted living

Long-term care and assisted living

Update: Effective July 19, 2021, people in long-term care and assisted living and their loved ones will have more options to spend time together, with a further easing of restrictions. For more information on these changes and new public health requirements around vaccinations, see the July 8 provincial announcement.

Changes beginning July 19 will include:

  • Visitors will no longer need to schedule or book in advance to visit loved ones, and the limit on the number of visitors for each resident will be removed.
  • Fully immunized visitors can visit with residents without wearing a mask.
  • Larger, facility-wide social events or gatherings are safe to begin again.
  • Indoor gatherings may include residents and staff across units of a facility, while outdoor gatherings may include family and friends.
  • Adult day programs and in-facility respite can fully resume, providing additional health and well-being benefits for seniors and caregivers in community. 

Protective Measures

  • It is strongly recommended that visitors are fully immunized against COVID-19.
  • Visitors will be asked if they have proof of their vaccine status.
  • Facilities will maintain a visitor list or sign-in list for contact tracing purposes if necessary.
  • Fully immunized visitors will be required to wear a medical mask while moving through the facility and in common areas but are not required to wear a mask while in direct contact with the person they are visiting.
  • Visitors who do not demonstrate they are fully immunized are required to wear a medical mask for the duration of their visit, including when in direct contact with the person they are visiting.

See Visitor Guidance for Long-term Care and Assisted Living for more information.