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Share your gratitude

Share your gratitude

Share your gratitude here by uploading a photo and message to our gratitude gallery

We have heard from many people sharing their gratitude for the frontline workers who have been working hard to keep us safe during the pandemic. Continue to help us to recognize the people who have made a difference by publishing a photo and message here.

Thank the frontline workers, volunteers, and community partners who have helped keep us safe during the pandemic and worked to get us all vaccinated. You can also tell us why getting the vaccine is important for you.

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I recently came home after 12 days in the hospital. I cannot express my gratitude and respect for all the nurses, doctors and healthcare workers at KGH, and around the province. I literally would not be here if it wasn't for you. You continue to show tireless dedication and commitment in the face of uncertainty, anger and protests. Please know, you are seen, appreciated and loved.

Sylvia El Kurdi

West Kelowna

Thank you so much for all that you keep doing … the hours of selfless service … the time away from home and family … the patience no matter what you face … the dedication and perseverance … please do not give up … we are standing and will stand with you … you are our heroes!!! Vaccines rock!!!

Patricia Purdy


Sooo Grateful for all you do to help us during these days of stress and fear

Linda Francescangeli

Penticton, B.C.

I admire our front line workers, your dedication, tireless efforts under difficult conditions. I got double vaccinated since I don't want any workers to be needlessly burdened and overburden our health care system. Thank You so much, You are all heroes.

Brent Warne

Thanks to all the folks at KGH for all the great work your doing.

Steve Morissette


Thank you so much to our hard working, caring IHA healthcare team we appreciate you so much as we navigate this pandemic. Myself and all my family are all double vaxxed to do our small part to lessen your load, you are all amazing!

Scott Sommerville


I got vaccinated so that I wouldn't end up needing hospitalization even ICU care if I contracted COVID, and so that I would be less likely to transmit COVID to my family and co-workers. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

Maria Gale


Thanks you so much for your all you are doing to keep us safe. Love and prays 🙏 ❤ to you all. Please take time for yourself!

Sherri Molnar

Kamloops Long Term Care

Proud to say, fully vaccinated without hesitation! I am vaccinated so that I can continue to support the Residents in our facility - to be their extended family member when YOU cannot be with them. I stand with other Health Care Professionals who have been fighting COVID for the last 18 months and making personal sacrifices so that our families and Communities can be safe and this damn Pandemic will be over! Grateful to my Recreation Therapy Team who help us all to smile in the face of adversity every day.

Jacqueline Bouvier

Salmon Arm

Please know, the majority support you, and appreciate all your efforts to get us through this. I mask, double vaccinate and observe what suggestions our health advisors give us, to stay safe, but also because I care about our society and health-care workers. You have a shoulder here to lean on, when you need.

Penny Mastel

Medicine Hat

Thank you to all of the wonderful nurses at the Kamloops hospital. My brother Shane is in their care right now and we are so thankful for all who are helping him. Our family is forever grateful.

Ben Heggie


Thank you to all the Doctors, Nurses and ANY staff at KGH for serving your community! My family and friends all appreciate the job you do, and your dedication to keep working thru these difficult times. Don't listen to the vocal minority of citizens who want to take their fears and frustrations out on you! Most of us understand that you are not setting the policies, but simply trying to do your job. Keep up the amazing work!! And try to get some rest whenever possible 🙂

Joan Cummings


To protect everyone I come in contact with.

Susan and Daisy LeBlanc


We are so grateful for you, each and every type of worker who makes our health services function so well, for the benefit of every resident, regardless of our income or status. You give so generously of your time, your training, your expertise and your compassion, no matter our situation. My Mum and I are proudly and gratefully double vaccinated, and will do what it takes to protect each other, our communities and you, our precious workers in our remarkable and precious health-care system. Know that you are respected, admired and loved, and that the four generations of our family are eternally grateful for you.


West Kelowna

Double-vaxed without hesitation. So grateful for all health-care workers who show up every day for all of us. We SEE you and send you so much love!

Brian Mcintosh


I want to thank the heroic effort of all interior health employees that have been working under stress for so many months. It is frustrating that we are where we are due to a bunch of misguided people. Don’t let the loud voice of the small majority let you down. Look back at what you have accomplished during COVID - the lives that you saved - and be proud!

Charles Smythe


I got vaccinated not only to protect myself but to protect YOU and those around me. As for the frontline workers as tired and dispirited as you may be perhaps you may find comfort knowing you are among the best in the world at what you do. I want to thank professional and volunteer alike from the bottom of my heart. We love you all! Stay Safe

Sarah Wyse


Thank you for all the blood, sweat and possibly tears that you've given to ensure that we are all safer together as a collective whole, while at the same time putting yourself and your family at risk of catching the virus. When you hear people protesting, it must hurt when you've sacrificed so much selflessly. To say thank you is just the smallest gesture we can all give. May God continue to protect you and bless you and your family. You are should be so proud of yourself. THANKS!!!!

Leonard Blocka

Prince Albert

THANK YOU for everything you do and will do, we love you all. Don't let the selfishness of the demonstrators get you down, there is a much larger majority standing in support of you.
I am vaccinated as is all my family, we want everyone to be safe and are trying to protect all the little ones in our families from getting COVID.

Ruth Campbell


It is the large majority, perhaps too silent, that are grateful for all that you have done and are doing. Thank you

Irene Sansom

Salmon Arm

A very big bouquet of gratitude and appreciation to everyone working in health care, both frontline and behind-the-scenes. I can’t begin to imagine how stressful the past 18 months must have been for you all, and I do appreciate your dedication. I hope you can all stay healthy and stay the course till we reach the promised “light at the end of the tunnel”.

Rick Turner


To all the health-care workers in BC: Thanks to you my partner, me, our children and grandchildren are safe. Thank you for all that you do.

Bonnie Leibel

Please keep being wonderful, compassionate, beautiful you. Thank-you for your service ♥️♥️♥️

Nicole Udzenija


Thank you so much for caring for all of us. I and all my family are vaccinated, to protect ourselves, others, and to try our best not to end up needing your services so that those who do can find their way to you. You are all so appreciated.

Diane Wigglesworth


Double double vaxed here!

Liz Burdeniuk

Salmon Arm

My heartfelt thanks goes out to all health-care workers who have chosen to be vaccinated to keep patients in their care safe. We appreciate all that you do. The heartless and selfish demonstrators who think their rights are more important than everyone’s health will change their tune when they end up in the hospitals they chose to disrupt. I am vaccinated because I care about my family and fellow Canadians!

Stacey Donison


Every night as the sun sets on our community, I’m reminded of the beauty that surrounds me. Not just the view from my deck but the caring and compassionate souls working tirelessly in healthcare at an incredibly difficult time in our history. You are appreciated more than you will ever know. Stay strong. You have a lot of people cheering you on.

Kim Anderson


I got vaccinated as soon as I was eligible because it's the best way to protect myself and my community. Thank you to everyone working in healthcare and as first responders. You are literally keeping us all going, and you are all amazing humans. I hope the unfortunately vocal minority who felt the need to protest at your workplaces know how wrong it was and pick a more appropriate place if they feel the need to continue that nonsense.

Kelly Watt


I am so grateful for the health professionals that continue to step up to help all of us when we need it for health issues beyond our control, and commend their heroic actions to help even those who are responsible for the consequences of their own actions and detrimental to others in our society. That they continue to fight this battle with empathy and incredibly hard work is amazing and impressive! I got my vaccinations as fast as I was allowed to so that I can protect the health and safety of not just the people I love but also the people that I work with and strangers I may meet, and to help bring our world back to a happier and heathier place.

Linda McClelland


Thank you VERY much to all of the Health Care workers and to all of the hospital workers for all of your hard work and dedication. You are all very much appreciated and in my opinion, true heroes!!

Carrie Burton

Williams Lake

Thank you for everything you do, especially during this pandemic. I'm vaccinated and doing my part to slow the spread of COVID.

Jon Heyden


Thank you all for everything you've done! It is greatly appreciated amongst the majority of the population. Don't let the short bus brigade get you down! We love you all!

Cheryl Seaman


I just wanted to say how sorry I am that this week happened. So disappointing and…heartbreaking. I got vaccinated for many reasons. To help everyone. But one main reason was to lesson the load you all have carried for 18 plus months. Thank you for holding the line. We love you!!! And a lot of us are trying to do our part in getting through this and hold the line for/with you. Much respect. And gratitude. Vaccinated BC girl. ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻

Claire C


My family and I are double vaccinated as we understand the hospital capacity is needed for the care of people with illnesses other than COVID, and is already stretched on that front already.

Ryan NA


I support and thank all those frontline workers that are doing the best they can and it makes me so angry when people protest and spread misinformation just because it is on the internet. 

Tracy Hughes

You all have difficult jobs and I am saddened that people "who have done their research" are making your lives more difficult. I am grateful for the work you do. I know it is easy to let the negative get to you. But when that happens, I hope the support you receive will help cancel that out.

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