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Somebody’s someone

Somebody’s someone

Hospitals across B.C. are displaying white trees this year. On them, you’ll see ornaments and photos of people of all ages. These ornaments might remind you of your own family mementos. The difference is the people in these photos are no longer with us. Their lives were lost to overdose.

Moms Stop the Harm is a networking group of people who want to raise awareness and stop overdose deaths. Member Jill Marten’s son Daniel is pictured above.

“I think the ornament that shows him as a child is very powerful, with him holding his I want to be a Fireman book,” says Jill. “I want to remind people that no one grows up wanting to use substances”.

One of the topics the group advocates for is an end to the stigma associated with drug use. Treating people who use substances with respect has been shown to improve health outcomes and save lives.

To learn more about the role of stigma in overdose and how you can make a difference, read Rachel’s story.

The trees will be on display in many B.C. hospitals during the holidays.

“It has been a beautiful labour of love,” says Jill.