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Change begins with me

Have you ever heard the phrase "if you want to make a change in the world, start by changing yourself"? Widespread change might seem difficult to achieve, but it's possible if we decide to do things differently. If you want to fight addiction and stigma, and help end overdose, here are three easy steps to…

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End the stigma: Rachel’s story

To say that Rachel has a big heart would be an understatement. Despite experiencing a lifetime of loss, she smiles easily and is quick to laugh. Rachel wants to help people in whatever way she can. That is why she agreed to share her story and speak about the impact of stigma as a person…


Mental health and substance use during COVID-19

During a pandemic, people can experience a wide range of mental health impacts. If you are concerned about your mental wellness you can reach out for advice and support from your primary care provider, local counselling service, or your employer's Employee and Family Assistance Program if available. Or visit this infographic for tips on managing…

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End the stigma: Brian’s story

Brian is a familiar figure in his community. He is an avid reader who enjoys hiking and is sometimes seen walking with his pet Bearded Dragon draped over his shoulder. “I love her. She keeps me out of trouble,” he says affectionately. “She was quite small when she was born - she was a runt.…

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End the stigma: Jill’s story

Jill is blond, fit and full of energy. She often wears her hair in a bouncy ponytail. But there is a sadness around Jill’s eyes that somehow conflicts with the spring in her step.  The Okanagan mother of two recently retired from a career as a renal nurse. She spends her days in the mountains,…

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Hope for severe opioid addiction

Gina* is a tall, pretty young woman. Her hands, like much of her arms, are covered in ink. Her long hair is a shock of dreadlocks and her voice is not much louder than a whisper. But she is articulate and self-possessed and when she speaks, you lean in and listen. Today she is speaking…

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