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Aging well: communities benefit from older adults

Think volunteering is just a nice thing to do for others? Think again. A growing body of research has pointed to the social, emotional, and even physical health benefits of contributing your time and energy to your community as you age. Benefits to older adults A study published in the The Gerontologist journal found that…

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Aging Better: Sex as an older adult

It’s Valentine’s Day and Cupid’s arrow will strike far and wide. So let’s take advantage of this love-themed month to debunk a few myths about sex and older adults. Sexual feelings do not disappear as you age There are many taboos around sex and older adults. One such myth is that older people should not,…

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Aging Better: Let’s talk bathroom

Aging Better is a practical guide for living your best life as an older adult. Every month we'll share tips and information on staying healthy as you age. Do you sometimes pee when you laugh? Have you been having trouble making it to the bathroom in time? You’re not alone! Research tells us that up…

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