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Talking to kids about alcohol

Parents and adult influencers play a big role in guiding kids towards healthy decisions about alcohol. But it isn't always easy knowing where to start. Arm yourself with some helpful and trusted resources developed by HealthyFamiliesBC. Talking to teensTalking to young adultsTalking to kids Talking to teens Some teens may try drinking alcohol before they…


Your mental health during COVID-19

During a pandemic, people can experience a wide range of mental health impacts. If you are concerned about your mental wellness you can reach out for advice and support from your primary care provider, local counselling service, or your employer's Employee and Family Assistance Program if available. Or visit this infographic for tips on managing…

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Alcohol’s steady rise during pandemic

We live in a society that not only normalizes alcohol use, but seems to endorse it. “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere,” after all. Alcohol consumption has been steadily increasing over the years, and according to the University of Victoria alcohol monitoring project, people living in the Interior Health region have the highest rate of alcohol consumption…