long-term care

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Music makes a difference

All aspects of life look different these days, and that is especially evident in long-term care. Programming has changed, gathering is restricted, and visitors are limited. Throughout the many challenges, Music Therapy continues to support people living in long-term care homes, their families, and their health-care teams. At Summerland's Dr. Andrew Pavilion, music therapist Kayla…


Long-term care and assisted living

We are working hard to keep people safe who are living and working in our long-term care and assisted living facilities.   The COVID-19 disease is particularly serious for those who live in long-term care and assisted living facilities, as it can cause severe illness including pneumonia, respiratory failure, and in some cases death. To…

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Staying connected

It is almost impossible to find a person in Canada today who has not been impacted by COVID-19. Every family across the country has been coping with some level of change in routine. One group particularly hard hit by recent changes are people living in long-term care or assisted living homes. In an effort to…