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Love in the time of COVID

Two registered nurses from Royal Inland Hospital (RIH) proved Saturday that love will prevail even in the time of COVID-19. When Amanda McKay and James Futerko couldn’t have the wedding of their dreams, they chose a different option that honoured their colleagues and the workplace where they met. On Saturday, standing before a marriage commissioner…

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Stitch by Stitch: knitting helps a community heal

As a Grade 5 student at North Shuswap Elementary School in Celista, B.C., Liam Smith was known for his confident, caring and courageous personality. The affable youngster made a big mark on his community in only a short time. After a tragic accident claimed Liam’s life, his classmates struggled to process the loss of their…

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Tower smudging close to the heart

For Helen Henderson, life is all about connections. As kukpi7 (chief) of the Canim Lake Band near 100 Mile House, she searches out connection to the land, to her band members and to her past. Earlier this year at Royal Inland Hospital (RIH) in Kamloops, several connections came together in one emotional ceremony for Helen,…