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New app saving lives, changing minds

In the midst of ongoing dual public health emergencies, a new app has been launched to prevent overdose deaths in B.C. Lifeguard Digital Health CEO Jeff Hardy was inspired to develop the application after losing a friend to a fentanyl overdose. Launched in May 2020, the app has continued to gain popularity among people who…

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End the stigma: Rachel’s story

To say that Rachel has a big heart would be an understatement. Despite experiencing a lifetime of loss, she smiles easily and is quick to laugh. Rachel wants to help people in whatever way she can. That is why she agreed to share her story and speak about the impact of stigma as a person…


Mental health and substance use during COVID-19

During a pandemic, people can experience a wide range of mental health impacts. If you are concerned about your mental wellness you can reach out for advice and support from your primary care provider, local counselling service, or your employer's Employee and Family Assistance Program if available. Or visit this infographic for tips on managing…

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Putting the person first

Rosanne Nelson knows her son better than anyone. She knows he is a talented musician who played in a band with his brother for years. He is a hard-working student who beat the odds and finished his degree despite ongoing health challenges. He is a middle child with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. But she…

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Overdose awareness more important than ever

International Overdose Awareness Day is a global event held each year on August 31 to raise awareness about overdose, and reduce the stigma associated with substance use. It is also an important day to recognize the loss and grief felt by so many people around the world who have lost loved ones to overdose. This opportunity to…

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End the stigma: Brian’s story

Brian is a familiar figure in his community. He is an avid reader who enjoys hiking and is sometimes seen walking with his pet Bearded Dragon draped over his shoulder. “I love her. She keeps me out of trouble,” he says affectionately. “She was quite small when she was born - she was a runt.…

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End the stigma: Shane’s story

Fifty-year-old Shane is an active volunteer, a former hockey player and a trivia buff. Like many couples, he and his wife Joanne often tease each other. “She doesn’t have a volume switch. I’ve been trying to find it for years,” he says of Joanne, who is so soft-spoken you need to lean in close to…

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