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Telehealth offers new rural health care options for Parkinson’s patients

Expanded access to specialized care and reduced travel key benefits for patients and caregivers New research from the UBC Southern Medical Program (SMP) supports the use of telehealth in the care of Parkinson’s patients in rural communities, particularly within the Interior Health region. The treatment of Parkinson’s disease is highly complex and relies heavily on…

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Keeping patients safe through virtual care

Nelson resident Paul Burgener has had plenty of experience with the health-care system, both as a patient and as an advocate for making improvements to the patient experience. Diagnosed with prostate cancer, Paul had surgery to remove the cancer almost five years ago, when he travelled from Nelson to have the procedure done at Vancouver…

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Overcoming obstacles in cancer care

Cancer treatment can be one of the most exhausting emotional and physical experiences, both for the person living with it, and for their family. Now imagine the added anxiety and complexity of needing care during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that exhausting experience has just become even more challenging. While cancer care teams across Interior Health…

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