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Talking to kids about alcohol

Talking to kids about alcohol

Parents and adult influencers play a big role in guiding kids towards healthy decisions about alcohol. But it isn’t always easy knowing where to start.

Arm yourself with some helpful and trusted resources developed by HealthyFamiliesBC.

Talking to teens

Some teens may try drinking alcohol before they are the legal drinking age of 19. As a parent, you are the number one influence on your child’s choices in life, even when it comes to alcohol. Talking with them about your expectations can reduce the likelihood of harm. Read Alcohol Sense for Teens.

Talking to young adults

As your child becomes a young adult, you can still have conversations that encourage healthy behaviour when it comes to alcohol. Read Alcohol Sense for Young Adults.

Talking to kids

Talking openly with kids from an early age about alcohol helps them to understand what it is. It also helps you guide them towards healthy decisions later in life. Read Alcohol Sense for Kids.