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We Are IH: Carly Coyle

We Are IH: Carly Coyle

We Are IH is a new recognition campaign to spotlight our people in a real way – through pictures and stories that allow their authenticity to shine through! Each month, four Interior Health employees or medical staff will be featured through our News@IH website and our weekly In the Loop Roundup email newsletter. 

When Carly is around you can feel her positive energy, bubbly personality, her caring heart, and her friendly demeanor. As a Senior Administrative Assistant for Home Support at TPM in Kamloops Secwep emc (She-whep -m) / Shuswap – Interior Salish she continues to bring joy and positivity to those around her. Over the past 2.5 years of her career at Interior Health she is continuously inspired by feeling like a valuable piece in such a big wheel of Home Community Care.

One of Carly’s proudest moments at IH was when her co-worker, Barbara Olechow wanted to give back some positive light to Carly with a RAAR. She said, “Carly your exemplary work approach is unsurpassable. We all appreciate your time, infectious energy, cheery disposition, and all of your hard work to keep this department running smoothly!” This recognition and appreciation made Carly feel valued and that is exactly why we created the RAAR (Random Acts of Appreciation and Recognition) at Interior Health.

When Carly isn’t working, she is spending time with her family and binge-watching her favourite TV show, Friends. Born and raised in Kitimat, British Columbia, Carly is expanding her own family with her second baby on the way this fall!

Carly loves helping others and turning their day into a positive one and that shines through in her work. Let’s give some love back to Carly, comment on the social media post, and say hi! Congratulations Carly on all of your professional success and your second baby coming soon!

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Carly’s nomination of Tayla Mullen keeps the We Are IH loop going:

“Tayla is a Casual LPN in our department. She is the hardest working casual I have ever met and is constantly involved and is always working hard to further her training and education to be the best LPN she can be. She is also devoted to working to make our department the best it can be. She is recently engaged and deserves all the good things in life!”