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We are IH: Dr. Glenn Fedor

We are IH: Dr. Glenn Fedor

We are IH is a recognition campaign to spotlight Interior Health employees and medical staff – through pictures and stories.

Name: Dr. Glenn FedorJob Title: Family Physician, Senior Medical Director
Years of Service: 40Worksite: Cariboo Memorial Hospital
Community: Williams Lake

Ancestral Territory: Secwepemc (She-whep-m)

Favourite Quote: 

“Docendo discimus. By teaching we learn.”

Over his 40 years of service as a Family Physician, Dr. Fedor has had a positive impact on many people; most notably on his patients and the staff at Cariboo Memorial Hospital in Williams Lake. His motto around the office, “Docendo discimus. By teaching we learn”, creates a welcoming and educational environment for all to learn. His commitment to starting each day with a smile radiates positivity all around him. He’s eager to share his knowledge about everything he knows and encourages others to do the same because of his belief that memories can live on through lessons that one has taught.

A strong believer that balance is the key to life, Dr. Fedor continually inspires others to have fun and make the most out of life. He loves to crack jokes and see others smile. His engaging stories and sense of humour not only entertain others but usually contain valuable lessons. 

Amidst the pandemic, he encourages others to embrace change, innovate, learn more, and make a difference. From his perspective, the more you know, the better you can do. His will to see others grow to motivate those around him to embrace change for the better. After all, there’s a lot to learn in the world of medicine, helping people from birth to death. 

Fellow members from HAMAC, where Dr. Fedor served as the chair, travelled to his community in Williams Lake to thank him for his 40 years of service. He was nominated by his coworker, Dr. Doug Neufeld, for the Lifetime Achievement Award, through which he was recognized for his outstanding contribution to the community and the work he did throughout his career. 

Dr. Glenn Fedor (middle) honoured with a lifetime achievement award in 2019 at the BC Rural Health Awards. Photo courtesy of Williams Lake Tribune.

Dr. Fedor was the third child born to a growing family. He was the quieter and introverted one among his four siblings. However, his love for telling stories and connecting with others taught him to push his boundaries. His original aspiration to pursue a career as an Architectural Engineer was derailed by his cousin’s persuasions to become a doctor. Ultimately inspired by his cousin’s medical career, Dr. Fedor went on to become the second doctor in the family. While living with his grandparents on their farm, he was taught that life is about changing, and not only is change good, but it can make a difference. 

Dr. Fedor met his beloved wife in Edmonton before moving to British Columbia in 1981. One of his proudest moments was the birth of his first child, born in April of 1982 at Cariboo Memorial Hospital. He often recalls a fond memory of his; when celebrating the birth of his first child, he shared a toast of champagne with his wife, when the cork accidentally hit her and bounced off the ceiling, nearly missing the medical staff on the floor. A lot has changed since then, but Dr. Fedor’s enthusiastic personality and thirst for life remain intact. He is so proud of his four incredible children and loves being a grandfather to their precious children.

An avid outdoor explorer, Dr. Fedor loves the four-season playground where he can enjoy golf, skiing, hiking, and camping in his renovated 1973-travel trainer. He loves going fishing and camping and enjoys sharing these experiences with family including his grandchildren.

Out of the office, you can find Dr. Fedor taking in the scenery on his motorcycle, cooking delicious food in the kitchen, volunteering in the community, snapping photos and creating albums, or simply relaxing. To share his passion for balance, being mindful and appreciating “nothing time”, he recommends the book, “The Art of Stillness: Adventures in Going Nowhere” by Pico Iyer. Thank you for all that you do, Dr. Fedor, we all appreciate you!


Dr. Fedor’s nomination keeps the We Are IH loop going:

“I nominate Dr. Doug Neufeld to be featured. To be recognized for starting a new practice, his active participation in Divisions, his valuable contribution to the community and being the driving force behind the outreach with our First Nation communities. Also, thank you for nominating me for the lifetime achievement award.– Dr. Glenn Fedor

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