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We are IH: Jessica Reimer

We are IH: Jessica Reimer

We are IH is a recognition campaign to spotlight Interior Health employees and medical staff – through pictures and stories. 

Name: Jessica Reimer

Worksite: Kelowna Health Services, Okanagan / Sylix Nation

Years of Service: 2

Job Title: Career Marketing Assistant

Quote: “You can’t buy back your time, be present.”

There is something special about Jessica. Many recognize her by her beautiful bright white smile, warm demeanor, bubbly personality, and fun attitude. Her positively infectious energy radiates through the Kelowna Health Services building when she is around. Regularly cheerleading her co-workers on Jess provides a creative insight into problem-solving and creating meaningful ways to attract, retain, and recognize Interior Health’s employees.

Jessica Reimer with Manager, Lauren Hristoski, at Interior Health photoshoot

Jessica’s strong work ethic, desire to succeed, and positive outlook have greatly contributed to her career development from a Recruitment Service Partner to her current role as a Career Marketing Assitant. Working alongside many departments such as Employee and Physician Recruitment, Employee Experience and Communications, Jessica aligns the goals of the organization to execute engaging, meaningful, and effective marketing strategies.

Born in a small farm town outside of Vancouver, called Agassiz, Jess was raised with her younger sister and close to her family to be the incredible person she has become today. She began to build a life for herself in Kelowna after moving to the city in grade 11 and graduating from the Okanagan College with her Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Human Resources Management. The education she received and the work experience she gained during these years greatly contributed to her successful career at Interior Health.

Jessica Reimer at Okanagan College graduation with fellow Interior Health employee, Ryan Lazauskas

Inspired to make a positive impact in the lives of others, Jess has created a career path that allows her to use her creative design abilities and outgoing personality to connect with others on a personal level. A proud moment for Jessica was during a video interview at Kelowna General Hospital with a Medical Lab Technologist, Mussarat, where they bonded over his life experience. Born and raised in Pakistan, Mussarat taught Jessica a few Arabic phrases and shared his journey to Interior Health. Both Mussarat and Jessica felt grateful for this special experience that moved Jessica to tears, knowing that one person and one story can be so impactful and unique. It’s moments like these that confirm to Jess that she is on the right career path.

You may also recognize Jessica for her In Focus article on Kelowna Now where she opens up more about her personal and professional life. Like many, Jessica’s plans changed in 2020 with the global pandemic. After over a decade with her husband, Brad, they had planned a backpacking trip across Europe for six weeks. Unable to travel, they created new plans, starting their family. Currently awaiting her first child in February, Jess will be starting a very new exciting adventure. Congratulations, Jessica, and Brad!

Jessica Reimer snowshoeing at Big White Mountain, Kelowna

An adventurer at heart, Jess is looking forward to spending more quality time with her family outdoors. She can be found snowboarding or exploring the snowy mountains on snowshoes in the winter. During the spring and summer, she spends time gardening and exploring the many opportunities the Okanagan offers. As a free spirit, she can be caught dancing in the kitchen like no one is watching singing along to her favourite tune. This summer Jess was able to cross an item off her bucket list with Interior Health. To promote the beautiful Okanagan, Jess played a role behind-the-scenes in planning and on-the-screen as one of the real Interior Health employees in an IH promotional video.

Jessica’s kind heart opens to the people she meets in health care as she connects with different departments. Through experience, her eyes are continually opened to learning more about the complexities of health care and her gratitude for our employee’s service. Inspired to recognize those employees for their hard work, Jess creatively acknowledges those employees touching the lives of many. Thank you for all that you do, Jessica! We are so excited for you to start your family!

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