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We are IH: Pin Liao

We are IH: Pin Liao

We are IH is a recognition campaign to spotlight Interior Health employees and medical staff – through pictures and stories.

Name: Pin Liao (She/Her)
Worksite: Royal Inland Hospital, Kamloops
Ancestral Territory: Nlak a’p amux (Ing-k hla-k ap -muh) / Thomp son / Couteau Interior Salish
Years of Service: 9 months
Job Title: Medical Laboratory Technologist
Chance favours the prepared mind.”– Pin’s favourite quote

Pin’s journey to her current role as a Medical Lab Technologist at Royal Inland Hospital for the past nine months is an inspiring story about dedication, courage, and a lot of hard work. Born and raised in China, Pin grew up with an appreciation for experiencing different cultures, cuisines and meeting new people. Adventurous at heart, she has experienced many cultures as she traveled to the USA, Japan, Korea, Australia, France, and Switzerland. Inspired by a career where she could help people through science and research, Pin graduated with a major in Biotechnology. Determined to gain experience in the medical field she worked as a Molecular Tech for a diagnostics company, testing patients’ tissue slides or bone marrow to determine if targeted therapy drugs were a viable treatment plan.

Pin moved across the world to immigrate to Canada in 2017, where she attended the Medical Laboratory Technologist program in Prince George. Experiencing the coldest temperatures of her life, at -35 degrees celsius, Pin was looking to start a family in British Columbia, leading her to her home in Kamloops. Over the span of two years, Pin graduated, finished her practicum at Royal Inland Hospital, passed her Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science exam, and brought a beautiful baby into the world. Pin’s strength, determination, and resilience shine through in all of her work, both in her personal and professional life. Grateful for a supportive family and co-workers at Royal Inland Hospital, Pin is proud of her incredible accomplishments. 

Working in the Microbiology department at Royal Inland Hospital, the results that Pin reports on play a direct role in patients getting treatments. This leaves Pin with a sense of pride and motivates her as she reviews bacterial culture tests, knowing that patients are awaiting their results for treatment. The sooner the doctors get the results, the sooner the patients get the treatments. As a fast-learner with a growth mindset Pin is continually pushing herself to learn more and stay up to date with research. Excited to learn the latest research and techniques at the annual BC Society of Laboratory Science congress, Pin is looking forward to a future post-pandemic.

In the four-season playground of the Interior of British Columbia, there are many activities to experience, even amidst a pandemic. Her passion for exploring new places and her husband’s love of the outdoors takes them to make local spots in Kamloops, whether out hiking at Sun Peaks or kayaking on the many beautiful local lakes. Pin loves listening to the music in the park in the summer in Riverside and discovering the delicious local cuisines that Kamloops has to offer. We are so happy that your career brought you to Royal Inland Hospital, we appreciate you very much, Pin!

Pin’s nomination keeps the We Are IH loop going:

“I nominate Dr. Gerald James. He is a Pathologist, with an easy-going personality, very knowledgeable, and willing to share his education and experience. Whenever he has an interesting case, he will sit down in front of the microscope and take time to share it with us. I feel like every time I work with him, I learn new knowledge from him.


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