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We are IH: Rachel Thibault

We are IH: Rachel Thibault

We are IH is a recognition campaign to spotlight Interior Health employees and medical staff – through pictures and stories.

Name: Rachel ThibaultJob Title: Admin – Primary Care Supervisor, Manager Support for Mental Health and Substance Use (MHSU)
Years of Service: 18Worksite: Community Health & Services Centre
Community: Kelowna

Ancestral Territory: “Syilx” (Saay-ilks) / Okanagan Interior Salish

Favourite Quote: 

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” 
-Mark Twain

Rachel’s outgoing personality and love of connecting with people drew her to pursue a career in Mental Health and Substance Use (MHSU). Her kind demeanour, bright smile and optimistic outlook help her excel in her role as Administrative Primary Care Supervisor, and Manager Support for MHSU.

Over the past 18 years, she expresses her gratitude and pride for working within her community as a team to keep communities safe. Her work with marginalized populations has implemented positive change, especially throughout Urgent Primary Care. Her passion for mental health inspires those around her to advocate for others and give back to the community. 

“I’m proud to come to work every day and be a part of teams that are contributing so much to our community, especially during a dual pandemic. From the COVID testing site to the Urgent Primary Care Centres to Outreach Urban Health and the Rutland Aurora Centre, I see patients come into all of these places and receive excellent quality care from the staff. I’ve seen people, literally, be brought back to life by co-workers. I watch our staff facing COVID head-on every day, putting themselves at risk to ensure our community is safe. I’m very proud to work alongside these healthcare heroes.”
– Rachel Thibault, Admin – Primary Care Supervisor, Manager Support for Mental Health and Substance Use

Rachel shares her love of working within a team that is so inspired to create meaningful change that improves people’s lives, especially those in marginalized populations. In the face of a pandemic, Rachel continued to motivate her team to provide mental health and substance use services to those in need. Her determination to help people live their best lives drives her career at Interior Health. Motivated to live life to the fullest, she inspires others to do the same. 

Outside of work you can find Rachel reading, cooking, playing music or snuggling with her cat. Rachel’s love of music intrigued her to pursue piano as a child, leading her to play at the Royal Conservatory in grade eight. A lover of learning, she admits to a wealth of knowledge for trivia, especially Harry Potter-themed. After visiting Disneyland over nine times, eager for her tenth trip, she has the insider knowledge to win the game. Looking forward to travelling again, Rachel is excited to plan her next getaway. Thank you, Rachel, for all that you do! 

Rachel’s nomination keeps the We Are IH loop going:

I will nominate Natasha Allen-Mark, MHSU Admin Team Lead. Her dedication and level of caring about the job she does deserve to be recognized!
– Rachel Thibault

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