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UBC medical students support patients in self-isolation

Volunteers offer non-medical follow-up help and advice In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, testing in the emergency department at Kelowna General Hospital (KGH) was primarily reserved for those patients needing hospitalization to treat their disease. Patients diagnosed with mild-disease symptoms were instead directed to self-isolate at home for a minimum of 10 days…

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Patients improving health care

Everyone should have a voice in health-care decisions, not just health-care providers – on that point, cancer survivor David Durksen is adamant. Twenty years ago, David was living in Victoria and on time for a routine doctor’s visit. When he arrived, David’s doctor announced he’d had several cancellations and was going to do something he…

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Practice makes perfect

Ever wonder what goes into caring for a person who arrives at the emergency department with a serious and time-sensitive medical condition? The answer is a lot of heart, expertise, and a great deal of practice. One way doctors and nurses at Kelowna General Hospital get the opportunity to practice and build their skills is…

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Digital tools enhancing health care

Estamont resident Diane Edlund says online access to her personal health information is an important step in creating a partnership between health-care providers and patients. As a patient partner with the Patient Voices Network, Diane provides a valuable perspective to health organizations on how they can improve the quality of care in B.C. Diane is…

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Getting patients on their feet faster

The little things were agony, says Gary Gierlichs. “Little things, like putting your socks on or putting your leg in the car,” he says. “I deteriorated pretty fast, which was tough for an active person like me. Hip replacement changed my life—I can’t say enough about it.” In 2018, Dr. Tim Bell and his surgical…

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Hope for severe opioid addiction

Gina* is a tall, pretty young woman. Her hands, like much of her arms, are covered in ink. Her long hair is a shock of dreadlocks and her voice is not much louder than a whisper. But she is articulate and self-possessed and when she speaks, you lean in and listen. Today she is speaking…

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