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Stethoscope quarterback

The day starts at 8 a.m. as Dr. Jim Huang arrives for a morning shift amidst a flurry of activity. His day always begins with a meeting alongside a dozen or so fellow physicians at Kelowna General Hospital (KGH), as they make important decisions about patient care. Huang is what is known as a hospitalist;…

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Partners make us better by sharing their voice

Marilyn Parker’s health-care journey has given her a unique perspective on how volunteers can improve the health system. At 40, she was diagnosed with asthma and now has epilepsy and is a chronic care patient. After moving to Kamloops, she had great difficulty finding a family doctor and learned the value of directing her own…

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PRH Champions: Caring for people runs in the family

To say Anne Morgenstern has a strong connection to health-care in Penticton might be putting it a bit lightly. Currently the Clinical Operations Manager in the PRH emergency department, Anne comes from a family of health-care professionals. Her late mother enjoyed a 30 year nursing career, which included a stint working together with her daughter…

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Patient advisory committees provide planning perspective

Janet Costa and her husband Sam were vacationing in Mexico several years ago when Sam suffered a major heart attack. He would be flown back to the Okanagan to be treated at Kelowna General Hospital, and thankfully would fully recover. The experience itself, however, awakened a new desire within Janet, to help patients better navigate…

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Trail blazing doctor recognized for treating alcohol use disorder

"Trail blazer" is an apt way to describe a physician who has travelled to every corner of the Interior Health region and beyond to spread the word about effective but largely under-prescribed medications to treat Alcohol Use Disorder. He has provided close to 150 educational presentations across B.C. On March 10, 2021 Penticton-based physician Dr.…

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Patients make us better: Michelle Hewitt

Michelle Hewitt has had a lot of experience receiving health care. She is also a passionate advocate for people with disabilities, a former school principal and an academic. Her unique perspective and history are a few of the reasons she has been asked to contribute her thoughts on Interior Health programs and services. Michelle is…

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