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We Are IH: Meet Allen Lee

We Are IH is a new recognition campaign to spotlight our people in a real way – through pictures and stories that allow their authenticity to shine through! Each month, four Interior Health employees or medical staff will be featured through our News@IH website and our weekly In the Loop Roundup email newsletter.  Allen has worked as a Medical Laboratory Technologist at the…

TagsCommunity & Culture

Aging well: communities benefit from older adults

Think volunteering is just a nice thing to do for others? Think again. A growing body of research has pointed to the social, emotional, and even physical health benefits of contributing your time and energy to your community as you age. Benefits to older adults A study published in the The Gerontologist journal found that…

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Expert view: 10 tips to beat the heat

Temperatures within the Interior tend to soar mid-summer, when residents and visitors enjoy fun in the sun. However, too much heat can be harmful to your health. Overheating can lead to weakness, disorientation and exhaustion. In severe cases, it may lead to heat stroke (also known as sunstroke). And heat stroke is a life-threatening medical…

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Top 10 ways to stay safe this summer

Summer is here. So is COVID-19. During these warm, sunny days, we want to get together with family and friends for camping, barbecuing, and other activities. There are ways we can enjoy these activities and stay safe. Here are the top 10 ways to socialize safely: Sick? Stay home: If you are feeling unwell, even…

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A lifetime of care for Cariboo physician

In 1978, just beginning his medical career, Dr. Bruce Nicolson agreed to a six-month term to work in 100 Mile House as a locum. At the time, he had been practicing as a physician in New Zealand and Australia, and training in rural health care, but he was familiar with the 100 Mile House area.…

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Play safe this summer: drowning prevention

Summer is in full swing and many people in B.C. are enjoying lakes, rivers and swimming pools. Water sports are a great way to stay active and have fun. “Water activities like swimming and boating can be a lot of fun and a great way to cool down, but drowning is a danger we all…

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Team-based care: there’s strength in numbers

The old saying that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts – in the case of Interior Health’s Urgent and Primary Care Centres, where individual health care professionals work together in close collaboration to support the needs of patients, that couldn’t be more true. Here, teams of health-care providers that may include…

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Expert view: Incognito mosquito

There are about 3,500 different species of mosquitoes around the world.Most of these mosquito species bite animals to drink their blood – but only the female mosquitoes do, since the reason they bite animals for blood is to get the nutrients to make eggs. Female mosquitoes lay eggs on the surface of standing water, which…

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Improving patient care in Nakusp

Mercedes Casley is very familiar with the Arrow Lakes Hospital (ALH) in Nakusp. Not only did she grow up in nearby New Denver, Mercedes began her health-care career at Arrow Lakes Hospital before she had even graduated from nursing school. Now, having also worked as an emergency department nurse in other West Kootenay Boundary hospitals,…

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