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Telehealth offers new rural health care options for Parkinson’s patients

Expanded access to specialized care and reduced travel key benefits for patients and caregivers New research from the UBC Southern Medical Program (SMP) supports the use of telehealth in the care of Parkinson’s patients in rural communities, particularly within the Interior Health region. The treatment of Parkinson’s disease is highly complex and relies heavily on…

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Change begins with me

Have you ever heard the phrase "if you want to make a change in the world, start by changing yourself"? Widespread change might seem difficult to achieve, but it's possible if we decide to do things differently. If you want to fight addiction and stigma, and help end overdose, here are three easy steps to…


Explore a health care career virtually

Did you know that health care careers are high in demand? These careers include a range of professions from administrative to nursing to social work and everything in between. With a variety of professions to start a career in, there is something for every skill set! The time is now to make a change a…

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New app saving lives, changing minds

In the midst of ongoing dual public health emergencies, a new app has been launched to prevent overdose deaths in B.C. Lifeguard Digital Health CEO Jeff Hardy was inspired to develop the application after losing a friend to a fentanyl overdose. Launched in May 2020, the app has continued to gain popularity among people who…

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Facing the unknown – In their words

When news broke that Interior Health had recorded its first positive case of COVID-19, health-care professionals braced themselves for the unknown. In February 2020, very little was known about this novel virus except for reports about what was happening in other countries where hospitals were being overwhelmed with patients.  As new information began streaming in…

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Nurse Practitioners are Changing the Health-Care Landscape

This year has brought significant change around the globe, including a pandemic at our doorstep that has required all of us to adjust to the new normal. Very quickly our health care workers selflessly showed up committed to protecting and serving their communities in these uncertain times, including our health care heroes, Nurse Practitioners (NPs).…

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