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Working for wellness

A cove is considered a safe harbour in a storm. “Bro’s Cove” in Cranbrook is no different. The men’s consignment store opened in September 2018 and is run by the Kootenay Initiative Program (KIP), one of Interior Health’s Community Mental Health Programs. It offers support and training for men with mental illness. “It isn’t just…

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Stitch by Stitch: knitting helps a community heal

As a Grade 5 student at North Shuswap Elementary School in Celista, B.C., Liam Smith was known for his confident, caring and courageous personality. The affable youngster made a big mark on his community in only a short time. After a tragic accident claimed Liam’s life, his classmates struggled to process the loss of their…

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End the stigma: Jill’s story

Jill is blond, fit and full of energy. She often wears her hair in a bouncy ponytail. But there is a sadness around Jill’s eyes that somehow conflicts with the spring in her step.  The Okanagan mother of two recently retired from a career as a renal nurse. She spends her days in the mountains,…

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Patients improving health care

Everyone should have a voice in health-care decisions, not just health-care providers – on that point, cancer survivor David Durksen is adamant. Twenty years ago, David was living in Victoria and on time for a routine doctor’s visit. When he arrived, David’s doctor announced he’d had several cancellations and was going to do something he…

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A doctor’s struggle

A psychiatrist who has worked with challenging patients for 17 years without one violent incident might be excused for forgetting all safety protocols when a teenage patient suddenly attacked him. Dr. Michael Ocana learned many lessons that day, six months ago, and he has been sharing them with his colleagues in hopes of helping them…

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Aging Better: Sex as an older adult

It’s Valentine’s Day and Cupid’s arrow will strike far and wide. So let’s take advantage of this love-themed month to debunk a few myths about sex and older adults. Sexual feelings do not disappear as you age There are many taboos around sex and older adults. One such myth is that older people should not,…

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Therapy dog goes high tech

While Merle Crawford was in palliative care at Royal Inland Hospital (RIH), the former pediatric nurse did her best to remain bright and cheerful. But there were days when it was a struggle; times when she needed someone to cheer her up. Enter Saylor the therapy dog. Saylor brought a bright smile to Merle’s face,…

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Valentine’s gift of life

Two weeks before his 71st birthday, Les Fiedler suffered a heart attack while playing pickleball in his community of Creston. Thankfully, his friends and family knew how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and how to use the facility’s automated external defibrillator (AED) machine – a medical device that can analyze the heart’s rhythm and, if…

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Just Breathe

As she tells her story, Shelley Rowe’s eyes well up with emotion. Her stress level spikes momentarily, which triggers a slight cough. Yet in spite of an occasional flare-up, her breathing is more relaxed than it’s been in years. Shelley, now 62, started smoking when she was 14 years old. Her doctor diagnosed her with…

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