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Just Breathe

As she tells her story, Shelley Rowe’s eyes well up with emotion. Her stress level spikes momentarily, which triggers a slight cough. Yet in spite of an occasional flare-up, her breathing is more relaxed than it’s been in years. Shelley, now 62, started smoking when she was 14 years old. Her doctor diagnosed her with…

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Living well with HIV

At 81, Alan Samuelson is in a unique position to share his story and tell others what he knows about living well with HIV. In the early 1980s, he was admitted to an Alberta hospital with a ruptured stomach artery. After an urgent call went out through the hospital, staff and visitors provided 29 units…

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Practice makes perfect

Ever wonder what goes into caring for a person who arrives at the emergency department with a serious and time-sensitive medical condition? The answer is a lot of heart, expertise, and a great deal of practice. One way doctors and nurses at Kelowna General Hospital get the opportunity to practice and build their skills is…

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Interior Voices invites you to pull up a chair

When Vanessa, Kris, Sheila, and Beth met as a working group for the first time, something just clicked. “We found that we worked really well together,” explains Aboriginal health lead Kris Murray. “We had great chemistry, we got a lot done, and there was a lot of laughter.” Each woman brought her unique lived experience…

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A community healing through art

Not all healing happens through health care. Sometimes what’s needed is more about healing the soul than the body. That’s what happened last year in Grand Forks, a community struggling to overcome the devastation caused by flooding in 2018. “The idea for the murals started out as part of an effort to bring back visitors…

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Hidden citizens

In the film "Cast Away," Tom Hanks plays a business executive who crash-lands on a deserted island. He copes with years of social isolation in part by befriending a volleyball, which he names Wilson. Wilson becomes someone to confide in, to tell jokes to, and to even argue with. When Wilson is swept away in…

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Digital tools enhancing health care

Estamont resident Diane Edlund says online access to her personal health information is an important step in creating a partnership between health-care providers and patients. As a patient partner with the Patient Voices Network, Diane provides a valuable perspective to health organizations on how they can improve the quality of care in B.C. Diane is…

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Aging Better: Let’s talk bathroom

Aging Better is a practical guide for living your best life as an older adult. Every month we'll share tips and information on staying healthy as you age. Do you sometimes pee when you laugh? Have you been having trouble making it to the bathroom in time? You’re not alone! Research tells us that up…

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Grief and the holidays

Walking around your neighborhood or local shops at this time of year, there is a constant reminder that the holidays are a time of happiness and celebration with family and friends. But if you are grieving the death of a loved one or have experienced another type of loss, the holidays can often magnify that…

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