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Public exposures

Public exposures

Public Exposures

If you are a close contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case, our Public Health team will contact you directly. In cases where not everyone can be reached, the locations and times of known possible exposures in are posted here.

Please note: even if no public exposures are listed, cases of COVID-19 are present in communities throughout our region, and all public health measures should be followed. Data on cases in our region are updated daily.

There are currently no active public exposures.

Business name or location
AddressPotential exposure datePotential exposure time
Gotham Nightclub
275 Leon Ave. KelownaJuly 18, 2021

*Locations will be removed from the list one month after the last exposure date, and then archived on our Media Releases page.


Workplace Closures

Starting April 12, 2021, orders may be issued closing workplaces where public health investigations determine transmission of COVID-19.


A closure may be in effect for 10 days or longer to stop the transmission. For complex workplaces (e.g., large construction sites), a closure may be restricted to areas where transmission has occurred.

When a closure is ordered, WorkSafeBC will serve the closure notice and support the workplace to review and enhance safety plans, as needed. Visit WorkSafeBC COVID-19 for more information on how to keep your workplace safe.

Workplace closures are listed here.

Name of workplaceAddressDate of closureLength of closure


Flights and Other Travel Exposures

For notifications of public exposures related to flights, cruises, long-distance bus and train travel, please visit the B.C. Centre for Disease Control public exposures page.