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We are IH: Dr. Johann Schreve

We are IH: Dr. Johann Schreve
We are IH is a recognition campaign to spotlight Interior Health employees and medical staff – through pictures and stories. 
Name: Dr. Johann Schreve Worksite: Vernon Jubilee Hospital, Okanagan / Sylix Nation Years of Service: 5 Job Title: Hospitalist Quote: “Seize the day, carpe diem”
Dr. Schreve’s positive outlook on life, innovative mindset, curiosity, and passion to fix the world started at a young age. His all-encompassing adoration to help others was inspired by his father, an accomplished and respected medical doctor. Growing up in a small farm community in Ceres, South Africa, it was instilled in Dr. Schreve to support and take care of your community. He has put helping others at the forefront of his life and throughout his career. With a genuine interest in people and understanding their problems, he takes the time to listen to his patients and provide valuable guidance that allows them to positively change their life. Originally passionate about psychology, Dr. Schreve integrated his passion for mental health into his practice as a medical doctor. This personable perspective has lead to many innovative advances in his work and the communities he has served. Passionate about technology, efficient tools, and processes, Dr. Schreve’s creative and divergent thought methods has led to many technological advances in the medical field. As an integral member of the Patient Quality Improvement (PQI) Initiative, he combines his love of helping people and technology to streamline electronic documentation for medical records. This initiative is creating a standard for medical professionals to lead quality improvement projects and enhances the delivery of quality patient care. One of his proudest moments at Interior Health was being recognized for thinking differently by the Chief Information Medical Officer and Vice President, Mike Ertel, for his innovative approach to documenting patient information enhancing patient care. Born in Windhoek, Namibia, his family relocated to Ceres, South Africa, he was raised in a tight-knit community, where everyone knew each other. His great love story began in grade one when he met the love of his life. Their friendship evolved over the years into a romance at the age of 17. Fast forward to today, where they have built a life of their own and extended their family to four kids under the age of 12. After moving his family to Canada in 2013 to Chetwynd, B.C., followed by Williams Lake, they have now put down roots in Vernon, where they are close to their family. Living in Vernon in the Okanagan fondly reminds him of Stellenbosch, South Africa, also located in wine country, where the people are enthusiastic about leading a fulfilling life. As a nature lover, he recently has taken up cross-country skiing, where the whole family can explore the beautiful outdoors together. He is looking forward to taking his above-average golf game to the course where he can connect with his friends and colleagues. Understanding the importance of physical activity, getting out in nature, and taking time for yourself, he practices what he preaches. The four-season lifestyle in the Okanagan allows him the opportunity for work-life balance and a place where his children are receiving exceptional education. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Schreve is reminded of his time responding to the HIV/TB pandemic in South Africa. He is proud to be a part of Interior Health, which he believes is doing a remarkable job managing public health and keeping hospitals open to the public. The pandemic has created a shift in care to a virtual approach, where it has created ease of access to care for his patients. The reach for care has extended to outlying communities allowing him to effectively reach and help more people. A positive outcome of the pandemic is moving virtual care forward and inspiring Dr. Schreve to embark on a new journey. Joined by the University of British Columbia community of Individualized Personalized Therapeutic Nutrition he is working towards diabetes prevention, alongside approximately 3,000 international members who are communicating on the reversal of diabetes. His own lifestyle practice Afya Wellness launches in April of this year to bring an interactive approach to internal medicine encouraging patients to lead a healthy lifestyle for diabetes management or reversal. In alignment with his inspiration to become a medical doctor, this new venture allows him to work within his passion of helping people change their lifestyles. Dr. Schreve’s funny, kind and caring personality has a positive impact on both his patients and colleagues at Vernon Jubilee Hospital and across Interior Health. We are incredibly fortunate to have the experience, expertise and dedication of Dr. Schreve on our team, providing exceptional patient care. Thank you for all that you do for our communities, Dr. Schreve!
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