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We Are IH: Jacqueline Turvey

We Are IH: Jacqueline Turvey
Jacqueline Turvey, Primary Care Respiratory Therapist/Coordinator Integrated Primary and Community Care

We Are IH is a new recognition campaign to spotlight our people in a real way – through pictures and stories that allow their authenticity to shine through! Every week Interior Health employees or medical staff will be featured through our News@IH website and our weekly In the Loop Roundup email newsletter. 

To help us celebrate National Respiratory Week we are excited to feature Jacqueline Turvey, RRT, CRE, CTE, and the Coordinator at Integrated Primary and Community Care Program/Primary Care Respiratory Therapist at Interior Health in Kamloops for the past 13 years. Over her career, she has made an incredible impact working within her community of Kamloops and supporting the Primary Care offices in a variety of cases. As an educator, every day at work she pursues her passion for helping others in their homes, physician offices, or in her own office.

One of her most satisfying projects was an Emergency Preparedness Class (specifically relating to forest fires) for her clients. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, as they shared how they felt safer and more aware of what they can do to help their breathing stay in control during forest fires. It’s moments like these that bring everyone together and help us support each other through tough times.

“I love my job because it offers so much variety. Some days I feel like a detective trying to put together pieces of information to figure out how to best help one of my clients. There is so much job satisfaction in supporting a client and knowing that it is the support/information that we provided that is the thing that helps them feel better or improve their quality of life.” – Jacqueline Turvey, RRT

One of her proudest moments at IH was being recognized by Chris Mazurkawhich, the past president and CEO, of Interior Health in September 2018 for her Emergency Preparedness work with her clients. Thank you for your phenomenal contribution, Jacqueline!

Looking back through her career Jacqueline reminiscences on opportunities she was able to experience as an RT. A highlight was participating as a volunteer for four years in an international project to Guyana called Global Access to Spirometry Project (GASP) led by Dr. Bob Levy, Respirologist, and Carmen Rempel, RRT, CRE, both from VCH.

Working in such a collaborative environment Jacqueline continues to inspire others and be inspired by the knowledge and professionalism of the different clinicians and Primary Care Providers that she works alongside. Her clients continue to inspire her in her purpose to help people be their healthiest and best self, one breath at a time.

Family is very important to Jacqueline. She is currently raising her family in her hometown of the Secwepemc / Kamloops territory balancing her professional and personal life. As a mother, wife, and person of First Nations heritage, she values having fun, laughing, and creating memories with her loved ones. In her downtime Jacqueline likes to express her creative side while playing the ukulele, making jewelry, painting, knitting/crocheting, gardening, and cooking (especially fresh from her own garden!).

Jacqueline and her team, among our other frontline workers, have been working exceptionally hard during the COVID-19 pandemic and we are so proud of their tenancy, innovation, and contribution to keeping us safe. Thank you so much for all that you do, Jacqueline!

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Jacqueline’s nomination of Lisa Mullen keeps the We Are IH loop going:

Lisa has been with IH for over 15 years at the same site (KPCC) which is amazing. She is a talented baker and when we used to have staff parties everyone would look forward to her treats. Clinicians, Primary Care Providers, and other clerical staff look to her for her expertise and organization skills. She provides leadership and stability at our site and she models the values that create a wonderful workplace culture. Her wonderful personality, kind ways and her calm presence are lovely to be around.

Congratulations Lisa on your 15-year long-term service pin at IH!

“I would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work you do.  Your diligence, self-motivation, leadership, and dedications are an inspiration to the team and an important role in the clinic!” – Jodie Helm, Lisa’s Manager